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2017 Town Hall Meeting (October 23, 2017)


For your convenience, we've added the time codes for each segment, if you want to jump to a particular section.

00:00     Introduction:

              Where We Are, Where We Are Going with Harry Li

08:22     Three Testimonies:
08:56           Guest Experience, Inclusion Process with Dele Okuwobi
13:25           Diversity Circle Report with Woodson Walker
17:50          Young Adult New Member Perspective with Nathan and Tori Gay: 


22:45     Vine & Village Update and The Disruption Model with Mark DeYmaz

29:28      Financial Overview:
35:40           FY17 Summary with Harry Li
42:12           FY18 Overview with Harry Li
46:47           Elders Priorities in FY18 with Eli Chaparro
53:00     Annual Fund Goals with Mark DeYmaz
58:25     Annual Fund Elders Commitments with Harry Li
1:01:01  Elders Year End Giving Challenge
1:05:25  Perry Brown: Closing Prayer