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    A Prayer for Our Nation

    For nearly 20 years our mission has remained the same. It was not changed 12 years ago, 4 years ago, last night, or today. We are ambassadors of Christ, advancing the ministry of reconciliation... reconciling men and women to God through faith in Jesus Christ, and to one another in love beyond the distinctions of this world that otherwise divide. Take a moment to join us as we acknowledge, lament, and pray for the pain and promise of our nation.

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Abide in the Vine!

Abide in the Vine!

A B I D E... Transformation is the fruit of an immovable and thriving relationship with God. This year, though difficult circumstances remain, we invite you to choose, as we do, to stay firmly attached to the one true Savior of the world! We choose to let Him feed our hearts with love and make them into fruitful branche ...

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