What is the Church?

Is it a building with a steeple and stained glass windows? Is it an event or a program? Is it a business organization? A non-profit? Today, there seems to be so much confusion about the Church. What is it? Who's included? How is membership decided? And more importantly what is its purpose and the source of its power?

Regardless of our confusion one thing is true: the church has been functioning on the planet for over 2000 years and worldwide shows no signs of slowing down. It has faced incredible opposition and even persecution at times but it's an unstoppable movement that touches virtually every culture that exists.

Coming in February, we'll look into the book of Acts to study the origins of this incredible Movement; and maybe find answers to many of our questions.

Don't miss a week and invite your friends to experience a living God who has made us a family through Jesus! It starts Sunday February 5th @ 9a (Eng), 10:30 (Spa) and 10:45a (Eng) in Little Rock, and 10:30a in Conway. Join us!