I am so very excited! We are starting our new series on the book of PhilippiansTHIS SUNDAY ! For the next eight weeks we’ll be diving into one of the most relevant, encouraging, theologically deep epistles in the scriptures. You will be uplifted and challenged as we examine the passion that drove Paul and his calling.

Want to get a jump on it? Begin by reading the entire letter (it is only four chapters). Absorb what the Lord is communicating through Paul and then juxtapose that onto Acts 21-28. It is the back story that led Paul to write the book of Philippians, as well as Ephesians, Colossians and Philemon.

This letter was written for you and me. It contains a very encouraging message and describes the deity and calling of Christ with unmatched beauty. It will inspire you to pursue our Lord and His calling on your own life.

Our God is a lot more sovereign than we think He is. Need proof? Come this Sunday. You’ll be struck by the awesomeness of His power.

Pastor Harry