Leslie Zatloukalová (previously Leslie Goyer)

Things are going well here in the Czech Republic. The school semester just ended, so my schedule will be changing drastically for the summer months. In contrast to my jam-packed schedule throughout the school year, throughout the summer, I will have just two intensive week-long English camps: the first is an in-city camp for mothers, and the second is an out-of-town camp for whole families. The weeks outside of these camps, my main focus over the summer will be additional language acquisition.

In Czech culture, it's common for most people to disappear over the summer, either on family holidays to the Mediterranean sea, or to small family cabins in the mountains. In the same way, most of the students I've been meeting with throughout the year won't be in Olomouc (my city) for the next few months. I will be trying to keep up relationships as well as possible, but it's a pretty common pattern here to not see students' faces again until September.

Prayer requests:
For Honza and I, as we develop our new marriage. That we will honor God together, and that His light will shine brighter to the Czech people through our relationship, than if we were each on our own.

For the in-city Mothers' English Camp (a.k.a. "Happy Days"). I am partnering with the pastor's wife to co-lead this camp. We will be teaching English for two hours each day, and then a third hour will be a "Christianity Explored" Bible study, also led in English. Please pray that the mothers' hearts will be open and receptive to the gospel, and that relationships will be established. (July 13-17)

For the out-of-town family camp. There is a team of Americans coming from North Dakota, a church which has been partnering with the Olomouc Baptist Church for nearly 20 years now. Please pray for their preparation and arrival, as well as for the Czech team here. Also, please pray specifically for the campers (of all ages!) coming for this camp, that God will move powerfully in hearts that have been so hardened. (July 25-Aug 2)

For my language study. That God will bless my mind with understanding and my tongue with fluency, and that I will be diligent in continuing my language acquisition.

Of the summer's "disappearing students," please continue to pray for Tamara and Adell, in particular. These are two girls who I've been meeting with for Bible studies. (Tamara for a year and a half, and Adell for almost a year.) They both have made huge growth steps towards God in the past couple of months, and I pray that their faith will continue to bloom throughout this summer.

Thank you, and God bless!
Leslie Z.