Great news coming from Kenya, we now have South Sudan and Mozambique at our center, prepping for translation. In a week or so will be welcoming Russia and Bulgaria as well.  Pray for the new teams as they become acclimated to the work and the environment. With the new teams here, thus adding a lot of pressure on the IT Dept prepping everything and please pray for wisdom in everything and spiritual attacks will not occur as we are accomplishing something new, bible for the deaf in a country where there are none.

Another request is one of our IT guys is leaving in a week to go back to USA for 2 years, so will be short handed, Pray we can find someone that can help and bless DOOR.

Please Pray for Whitney and her time teaching, working at home, that she will have strength and endurance and wisdom of guiding the boys in the ways of the Lord and in Education.

Also please pray for our family that we all will constantly seek the Lord in everything we do, as its easy to lose focus in ministry and work with all the great things that are going on there.

Many blessings!

-Simons Family 



We will be in the States this summer for three months from June to August.  We are in need of a CAR to BORROW for the duration of our time in the States.  If you feel led to meet this NEED, please contact us at [email protected]

There is no country in the world where a COMPLETE translation of God's Word is available in sign language. Not one! There are very few Deaf people who are equipped to evangelize, disciple, train leaders, or plant churches.

They don't have access to the BIBLE in their HEART LANGUAGE.

For the same reason, the Deaf are also one for the largest UNREACHED people groups in the world. D.O.O.R. International is on the cutting edge of developing “Deaf-hands” Bible translation projects into the sign languages of the world.

DOOR has builta Deaf Bible Training and Translation Center in Nairobi, Kenya. A place where DOOR can develop, research and apply translation tools in a Deaf setting.


A Deaf Bible Training and
Translation Center
A first of it’s kind in the world; 
a state-of-the-art facility where
Deaf from around the world can 
translate God’s Word into their 
heart language, sign language.


Ongata Rongai, Kenya


Currently, there are seven
Translations in progress; Kenya,
Burundi, Ethiopia, Ghana,
Uganda, Tanzania, & Nigeria.

“My greatest joy is knowing the Lord and now I have even led others to Christ, just with my hands.” - Esther Wairimu, Nyeri Deaf Church

On March 23rd, 2013, DOOR dedicated the Kenyan Sign Language Bible!

"For the first time in my life, I learned the
Bible from Deaf people in Deaf language
and in Deaf culture. It's changed my life."
Dedication Participant

“With the DVD, I don’t wait for the pastor.
I watch it and I go & tell others about God.
It has given me the urge to reach others.”
Nancy Njoki, Uhuru Park Fellowship

We can get caught up in the EVERYDAYNESS of life, yes, even in AFRICA. But when we stop to truly look and take in our surroundings, we are beyond BLESSED. God is at work in a MIGHTY way, and it is only by His grace that we have the privilege to participate in His work.

Our family has now lived in Kenya a little over three and a half years. Many people view a missionary’s life as something quite EXTRAORDINARY, but our days begin as yours do, with sleepy headed kids, breakfast, and a rush for school. The only thing that makes our life extraordinary is CHRIST. Isn’t that true for all of us? I can tell you with confidence that we ARE the ORDINARY in extraordinary; that is the beauty of the Lord. He takes what is PLAIN and does something beyond our wildest DREAMS. We would never have imagined we would be living in Kenya helping to provide GOD’S WORD in the heart languages of Deaf around the world.

You and I, we are ordinary, but God can do something extraordinary with our lives. If you want to be part of the EXTRAORDINARY work God is doing in and through ORDINARY people, please pray about investing in our work, through support of our family or sponsoring a DOOR project.