1 Samuel 24  |  Sermon application from Pastor Harry Li

How has your week been? Have you been listening to God’s voice in the middle of all the craziness?

It’s been a few days since we discussed 1 Samuel 24. If you need a refresher, go back and read the first seven verses. If anyone has lived an unpredictable life, it was David – the man referred to as “a man after God’s own heart.”

If you remember, David had been anointed as the next king of Israel, and God had been with him when he slayed the Philistine giant, Goliath. Talk about walking with God! Yet for years he had been on the run from Saul, the reigning king. That’s pretty disappointing, right? God had given him this promise, but he’s running for his life and sleeping in caves when he’s supposed to be running a kingdom.

In what seemed the perfect moment to make a move and take the throne, David ignored the voices of his friends and instead made a choice: to listen to God. I truly believe, as a man close to the heart of God, that he considered God’s will when he was crawling through the cave to kill Saul.

Have you been struggling to hear the voice of God lately? Are you between a rock and a hard place in making an important decision? Are you weary from your disappointments and, perhaps, wanting to take matters into your own hands?

If you are seeking the Lord, you can ask questions that David was likely asking: What is God doing? Could this be my time? Is He working in my circumstances?

David also remembered these truths from God: I know God appointed Saul. I also know that Samuel anointed me, and he said I will be king.

While there is a tension, there is also a peace! Here is David’s response:

“I cut off the corner of your robe but did not kill you. See that there is nothing in my hand to indicate that I am guilty of wrongdoing or rebellion. I have not wronged you, but you are hunting me down to take my life. May the LORD judge between you and me. And may the LORD avenge the wrongs you have done to me, but my hand will not touch you. … May He vindicate me by delivering me from your hand.”

And we know from reading the remainder of the chapter that Saul was amazed and even blessed David:

“May the LORD reward you well for the way you treated me today. I know that you will surely be king and that the kingdom of Israel will be established in your hands.”

The LORD does have a plan for you in the midst of these uncertain times. Turn to Him and His truths for your hope, strength and peace!


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