Dear Mosaic Family,

In just a few days, the Clowers family will engage in one of our favorite family traditions…a Spring Break family vacation! We know where we’re going. We will leave from our “Point A” (our home) and will arrive at our “Point B” (our destination) which is a place just across the Arkansas border into Missouri. We’ve been to this place several times, so we know the way there.

In just a few weeks, the Elders of Mosaic will gather for a time of prayer and consideration, seeking God for the map He desires our church to follow over the next eighteen months. That's Mosaic’s “Point B”. I’m excited about the opportunity to facilitate this time of strategic development with our Elders, and I have full faith the Holy Spirit will lead and there will be unity and strategic clarity around His “Point B” for our church.

What I’m most concerned about right now is our “Point A” - where we are! I know how unusual that sounds. Let me explain. Having come through the labor of the physical move and now the excitement of a brand new start in our permanent home, it’s so important that we realize where we are! That’s why I want to ask you, if you have not done so, to take a few minutes to complete the REVEAL SPIRITUAL LIFE SURVEY.

Whether you’re just beginning to explore the church, or even the Christian faith, or you’re a life-long follower and member of our church, the REVEAL SPIRITUAL LIFE SURVEY will help us understand our "Point A”! You can find the information to take the survey by CLICKING HERE.

Thanks for taking the time to help us figure out where we are! And please pray for our Elders as they begin to press in to God’s desire for our church for the year ahead!

In Christ,

Pastor Mike