On December 25, 2016, our founding pastor, Mark DeYmaz, was featured in the High Profile section of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. Thanks to the ADM, its readers, and to others for your interest in Mark, and in the people and passion of Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas. Mosaic is the region's most diverse church where men and women from more than 25 nations, together with significant percentages of African Americans and whites, walk, work, and worship God together as one. Read the article.

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Organizational Affiliates

Vine and Village
A 501(c)(3) that exists to serve the physical, social, financial, and material needs of people living in and around Little Rock's emerging University District (72204) in order to improve the quality of life, promote justice and advance the common good.

Mosaix Global Network
Catalyzing the movement toward multiethnic churches throughout the US and beyond.

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